Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I need a life! :cp

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have medium extroversion.

You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party.

Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences.

But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time."


You have high conscientiousness.

Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life.

Most things in your life are organized and planned well.

But you borderline on being a total perfectionist.


You have high agreeableness.

You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly.

Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone.

You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance.


You have medium neuroticism.

You're generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic.

Little worries or problems can consume you, draining your energy.

Your life is pretty smooth, but there's a few emotional bumps you'd like to get rid of.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is medium.

You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.

But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.

You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.


You Are 8: The Challenger

You're brave, impulsive, and gutsy - loving challenges.

You act first and think later. And you're not afraid to speak up.

You are confident, so much so that you can be a bit bossy at times.

Whether people like it or not, you always stand up for yourself.

Not so innocent

You Are a Normal Girl

You are 50% Good and 50% Bad
Sure you've pulled some bad girl stunts in your past.
But these days, you're (mostly) a good girl.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Anatomy of the Head and Neck

I managed to salvage a couple of my diagrams from gen ana2 before the prof took all our work away, waah! Below is a pic, which i call "Before and After." haha. get it? (what a hunk, the way my model for the sketch on the left was Bill Gates, but i sorta 'modified' him to make him look better!)

Is it true? Most of it is, i believe..

i re-took this brain works test, i forgot which site i got it from..i'll post it here when i do..

Sunday, January 08, 2006


I basically started my first day of class with a sore throat and stuffy head. Whereas people around me whom i haven' seen in about two weeks were sporting new hair cuts, bags, accessories, who's gain or lost weight,and whatnot, there i was, sniffling the day away. The next day was no better, and the following day was even worse. I had forced myself not to be absent last friday so i wouldn't miss my quizzes in Oral Histology and Anatomy 2 Lab..I had literally worn my jacket all day. Despite the warm sunshine, my teeth were chattering. My head hurt to the point of making me nauseated and the throbbing simply wouldn't go away despite the drugs. I didn't take any antibiotics, mainly because the ones mama would make me take (erythromycin) never did go well with my G.I.T (always would end up either throwing up or getting the runs) i didn't want the little buggers to build up a resistance against it. No, all i took to nurse myself to health were vitamins, paracetamol, expectorant and general rub down with vicks..and i literally survived on various soups and gatorade. I've even lost my voice. bah. Every night after class i would ignore the old wives tale and crawl into the shower. Just standing there letting hot water pour down on my stuffy head was such a relief. I wouldn't even shampoo or anything for a while. i would just welcome the warmness of the water, allowing it to cascade down my virus plagued body. Then afterwards, after having the quickest dinner of all time, I would crawl into bed, still coughing and sniffling, praying for sleep as my escape. One of those viciously deep sleeps where you are more dead than asleep and (possibly) you drool all over the place, because both your nostrils are blocked and you have to breathe through your mouth.

But hey, waddaya know, I'm feeling better now.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Fellow Paderos Just Hanging Out

Here are some pics taken Post-Christmas..We had a lovely breakfast date at Tito Momie and Tita Becky's at their house in Cavite. Then we spent some time chilling back home and Wall Climbing. It was nice getting to know my Esguerra cousins, Ate Pating and Bonjo..Kulang na lang si Kuya Paolo, who's in the states and couldn't be home for the holidays. The last time i saw them in person was when i was around 4 i think..i even forgot that Bonjo and I were born in the same year. After wall climbing we went to the mall looking for a place to play some billiards and the day ended with us meeting up with Tito and Tita at the Shang. All in all a memorable day..

- Group Photo taken in a residential area in Cavite. From right to left: Bonjo,Ate Patricia, Sarjie,Tita Becky,Ate,Yours truly,Kuya and Tito Momie.

-Me and Martin/Bonjo both showing off our braces :)

-Us Cousins in the front yard..

-Back home in QC, about to leave the house to go wall climbing

-At Power Up, Rizal, all harnessed up and ready to climb..

-Fooling about with the digicam, Hanging out with the sibs and cousins. My favorite pic of the day. :)

- that's me being driven up the wall. lol, ok, i'm just kidding. it's a bit dark coz i think my sister inadvertently covered the flash.

A Happy New Year

Well, it's the new year again. Time sure does fly..wish i still had at least another week of vacation left, but alas, my classes resume on the 4th..*sigh*'s gonna be back to the salt mines again. We didn't buy any firecrackers this time, but instead admired the ones the neighbours were setting off..sinturon ni hudas, super lolo, daylight, watusi.. :) Poor Xena was reduced to whining only by 9pm, i took pity on her and let her stay in my room till the fireworks died down. Spent the New Year and New Year's Eve at home with my siblings, Auntie Girlie and one of our cousins on my dad's side, Kuya Ben..It was quite a nice and cosy celebration, nothing too fancy. Kuya even fired up the grill and barbequed the marinated liempo and chicken. It went well with the greek salad Ate made as well. Yum..

Also had a nice Yahoo conference with Kuya and Kuya Ben, (who were just in the next room at home) Ate Tina and Ate Tootsie, one of our cousins who's in the states. It was great hearing their voices, despite not understanding a word whenever they started jabbering in bisaya. Yes, alas, i do not know a word of my own dialect..

On a much lighter note, my parents will be flying home on the 7th this month. Then again this means the parentals will be around, no more late nights and all that college life fun though, hehe. Papa's gonna be here for probably 2 weeks, Mama much longer, maybe 6 months..

I have a few New Year resolutions; am still working on them. I'll post them here soon. Hope everyone had a pleasant New Year as well.

Friday, December 23, 2005

At least i'm mostly a Ravenclaw

You scored 16% Slytherin, 48% Ravenclaw, 36% Gryffindor, and 32% Hufflepuff!

Are you sure that you belong at Hogwarts? You show no defined personal characteristics and therefore no house preference. Perhaps you should seriously consider a lucrative career in dentistry or tax preparation -- or allow the Sorting Hat to redetermine your place at a later date.

Taken from

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stolen Shot

Was waiting for my brother to finish getting ready so we could have brunch somewhere last tuesday. Apparently what was taking him so long was that he was busy taking pictures of me doing the crossword.

so this is the image that i project to people. hmmmm...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mix 'em up and what do you get

Some of my choice favorites of my anagram name:
Tricie Padero=

Dope criteria
Erotica Pride
Pirate Ice Rod
A Poetic Rider
I'd Rot A Recipe
A Torrid Piece
Torrid Ice Pea
Acrid Riot Pee
Idiot Crap Ere
Irate Rice Pod
Diaper Erotic